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from the heat and the humidity just about to end. we're talking triple digits in the forecast. >> and new this morning, an investigation is underway on the banks of the anna coste a after several boats go up in flames. the phone hacking scan cal in britain, more high profile names step county un. and arrest is made as one of the most powerful men in media prepares to go before arm. >> fox ra 5th morning news. >> take a look outside at tower
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cam, it is july 18th, 2011, monday morning, thanks for waking up with fox 5 news. >> i've steve schenn ovie. >> a heat wave is gripping parts of the country, heat advisors reese and warnings are in place in 17 states and relief isn't expected any time soon. in milwaukee people flopping to the pools, beaches and cooling centers over the weekend and in oklahoma city forecasters say another day of 100-degree temperatures is likely. >> looks like it is going to be headed our way soon without the triple digits. >> some of that heat is what's pushing into our area and it has been hot in the midwest across the plains in the southeast, it's been the southern plains, it's been brutal across the nation and some of that is making its way in here. it starts today but the real intense he heat is at the episode of the week so it's gonna be rough around here a little while. let's start this morning by taking a look at the satellite radar composite. we can show you across the region skies looks pretty good, not too bad, a few clouds out
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there earlier, may be some here and there, but the satellite is not picking up much to the north and west, you do see some clouds there and some rainfall as well. that's a frontal boundary that could trigger later today in the late afternoon and later evening some showers and thunderstorms here and there. right now reagan national airport is reporting a temperature of 74 degrees, there's your humidity, 79%, a little bit of haze out there. it will be worst later in the week. wind are out of the south at 7 miles per hour. your forecast for today, we have a code orange air quality alert in effect, skies will be partly to mostly sunny, hazy, hot and humid, 94 degrees for your high today, that's 5 degrees above normal. we'll take a look at that all- important five-day coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. thanks a lot tony. >> yeah. >> lauren demarco, a look at traffic. good morning lauren. >> we do have a new accident reported in maryland.
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let's take a live look at route 50 as you head eastbound towards 97. we have reports of a wreck. the good news is we have got lighter volume, so hopefully not causing much 0 of a problem. it is not in this camera angle i can see. eastbound 50 approaching i70, watch the traffic activity. traffic land, we have lock wood drive still dealing with the wreck there you can see it right in the center of the screen, everybody moving over to the right to get by it. brief delays there. otherwise things rolling well. out of headstone 66 going to find things heavy and slow getting through ma na memphis through centreville to the left of your screen, route 50 fair oaks in toward the beltway you are running at speed. the costeac, again in newing on the. wisdom over to you. >> thank you very much lauren. a man hit by a train, new this morning, it happened at 37th street and eastern avenue
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near the northeast dc and maryland border. a man was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical condition. they say it should have no impact on commuter trains this morning. >> our investigators are trying to figure out what caused four powerboats to go up in flames at 3:00 a.m. in the washington yacht club in the 1500 block of m street southeast. in all four boats were damaged, they believe the fire started on one boat and spread to the others, the damage several hundred thousands of dollars. other top story,s we're following this morning, hours after a tour bus left washington, d.c. it crashed in western new york killing two people and injuring 35 more. the bus was on its way to niagara falls when it vert off the road and into a wooded area late sunday afternoon, police say it appears a blown-out tire is to blame. the guardian angels are stepping into help after a recent increase in crime on a popular bike path.
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since early may, a robberies, holdups and assaults have been on the metropolitan trail all the way through d.c. to silver spring. the most recent happened friday. a man was robbed at gunpoint near r street. the suspects seem to be targeting their victims in very isolated areas of the trail. >> i was kind of thinking, if you had to go down, where would you go, really nowhere to run if somebody attacks you. >> if they reach for you, hit 'em with the entire bike, hurt them with the bike, if they is a matter of opinion you off the bike let them pay the price. >> the guardian angels have started safety patrols from 6 to 9 wednesday and thursday evenings. some volunteers have joined in as well and the angels are asking for even more help. >> also a warning from police, be aware of your surroundings and call 911 if you see something suspicious. >> scheduled today for arraignment for campaign it's
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a. paul sher lick and julius hen section were indicted for using robo calls to discourage supporters of martin o'malley from coming to the polls saying he had already won. house representatives are allowing an increase in the debt ceiling through next year, voting this week on that. but democrats say there is no support in the senate for it. meantime a plan from senator mitch mcconnell would allow the president to waive the debt ceiling in three faces but without knew budget cuts it is up for to vote this week. >> the mcconnell can is kicking the can down the road. the american people send us here to make big tough choices. they didn't send us here to set up a commission, give the president veto power. that's not what they sent us to do. >> it could pass the democratic controlled senate but faces a tougher fight in the republican house. >> a new group created in the wake of the financial meltdown officially launches this week. the consumer financial
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protection bureau begins oversight and regulatory work on thursday. president obama is expected to nominate former ohio attorney general richard correspondence dough ray to lead the agency. he currently serves as the director of enforcement. the bureau was formed to enact what president obama calls the strongest consumer protectses in our nation's history. >> some big names are coming to the white house today. president obama will meet with warren buffet and bill and melinda gates to get an update on the giving pledge. it's a promise by some of the wealthiest people in america to give most of their wealth to philanthropy. other names on the lists include facebook founder mark zuckerberg and george lucas. after she was found not guilty in the murder of her 2- year-old daughter casey anthony is out of prison this morning. >> the latest out of the phone hacking scandal. more high profile names step down and an arrest is made. more details when fox 5 news
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brought to you by michael and son services. if you can't, we can. making headlines this morning, conflicting reports about the condition of former egyptian president has knee mubarak. the lawyer says he had a stroke and is in a coma. one of his doctors denies the report and says he is in stable condition. he is awaiting charges he ordered the killings of during an uprising this spring. day two of freedom for casey anthony after they found her not guilty of killing her 2- year-old daughter. she left jail early sunday morning. it's not known where she went but a former member of her defense team said she is in good hands, now we want to hear from you what you think about casey anthony's release. leave us a comment on fox 5's facebook page or twitter account and we'll share some of those comments later on this morning. more fallout from the news
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of the phone world phone hacking scandal. rebecca brooks was questioned and let go a few hours after questioning. the chief of police have resigned, it this comes as rupert murdoch gets set to face members of parliament this week. news corp. is the parent company of both news of the world and fox 5. one popular way for tourists to navigate d.c. could be in for some changes. >> we'll check back in with tony perkins. going to be a hot one, triple digits by the end of the week. we'll get close today. clothes to 6 now this monday morning.
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los angeles frequently makes the list of cities with the worst traffic along the d.c. area but this weekend one potential traffic nightmare was avoided. a 10-mile stretch of the 405 shut down to demolish part of a bridge. to avoid massive backups people were asked to stay home.
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the warnings were actually he'ded t project wrapped up ahead of schedule. the road is back to normal this morning. which means a lot of traffic. >> well let's talk about heat. much of the country is in the grips of a heat wave, in nebraska things got so bad over the weekend workers actually dumped two tons of ice into a pool to help people cool off. water temperatures had climbed to about 90 degrees. heat advisories and warnings are in effect across 17 different states and here at home an exciting scene on the chesapeake. the national aquarium in baltimore says jessie humanity has returned to the bay. he was recently spotted in the waters off calvert county. jessie was first seen around here back in 1994. manatee spottings in this area are very rare he went off the radar in 1996 during a storm off the coast of north carolina, then reappeared in the chesapeake in virginia in 2001 but hadn't been seen around here until last week.
6:17 am
is. >> he has been logging some miles over the last decade. >> that's amazing how they can follow the tag follow him all this time. >> there's so repair it's not like there is a lot of manatee friends to hang out with. >> but he likes it here. >> or he has a real bad sense of direction. >> i wonder if he is gonna like it when the water heats up to 170 degrees or whatever it's gonna be. >> he'll feel like he is back in florida or something. he may try to go north with this weather. >> yeah. >> hot conditions across the region. really, you know, a manageable heat for the next couple days, then it gets a little crazy by the end of this week. let's start by showing you our high temperatures for yesterday. our official hyatt reagan national was right where it should be for this time of year, 89 degrees is the average high for this time of year.
6:18 am
we were right there yesterday. dulles international 89, bwi marshall made it up to 91 degrees and from -- starting today, it's just gonna get warmer. take a look at the current temperatures. gonna get warmer, our temperatures really dropped off the last couple of hours. it was 76 degrees not long ago then 74, now it's 73 degrees here in the district. 74 in annapolis. 68 in gaithersburg and in fredericksburg, 70 degrees, ma na assistant 64 easterly they morning. the satellite radar composite not bad. up to the north we have some clouds across the great lakes, rain and thunderstorm activity as well. that's going to make its way south where you can see the motion, later in the afternoon clouds gilding in, especially north and west to have the city. if it hangs together enough it could bring thunderstorms into you are 0 region as well. meanwhile, see, these are the bahamas, see that little blotch there? that is actually a tropical storm. the second tropical storm of the season, this is tropical storm brett. it is just north of the ba ham, a great abaco island, here is its location for those of you
6:19 am
who know what long eye tuesday and latitude means. essentially it's north and west of grand bahamas, great abaco and it is projected to move to the northeast. right now it's kind of drifting a bit east of 3 miles per hour but we do expect it to thing len and move to the north and east away from land. we'll keep our eyes on that storm. i should mention a tropical storm warning in effect for grand ba ham a island. air code quality. unhealthy air for at risk groups. hot and humid, 94 degrees for the high. overnight again 76 degrees under partly cloudy skies, can't rule out those scattered showers and thunderstorms here and there. five-day forecast, i'll cover up the last couple of days just for you. mid-90s, for the next few days about with a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms, and then, yeah, thursday and friday, like lauren said, we can barely fit it on there, 100 for your hi thursday, 101 friday, probably about 101 saturday. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. let's get an update on traffic
6:20 am
from lauren. lauren? >> you built the suspense there as you slide over. >> got to make it dra matic. >> right. we were looking for that wreck as you travel eastbound route 15250. skyfox headed up over the scene. the good news is they weren't able to find much of a problem so things are looking pretty good right now as you travel both directions of route 50 between the beltway and annapolis. let's take a live look at traffic land, making the trip northbound in virginia, you are gonna find you have typical volume delays building, agoes theac a quan then again from lore den into springfield. also want the talk about the wreck we were dealing with, this is not it, but south on hampshire avenue as you travel towards lock wood drive, left lane remains blocked, tow truck there at the scene. stay to the right. that's a checks of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right lauren, thank you very much. big changes could be on the
6:21 am
way on the horizon for when it comes to those people that ride the bikes downtown. >> the petty cabs. >> the people and their passengers. a lot of pedestriany cab drivers say park police are cracking down on them and an officer tazed a driver. park police say he assaulted the officer. now d.c. is on track to regulate the pedestriany cabs. >> they are bicycles not bicycles, they are like automobiles, not automobiles. then the question is which agency is most appropriate one to regulate them. >> now pedicab drivers say it will create more jurisdiction, two separate sets of rules in the city. our business beat is up next. we'll take a look at what's ahead for the market this week. >> as we go to break a good news for job seekers, they found 43% of the employers plan to increase their staff over the next 6 months. that's the highest percentage
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in the last year. and even better news on the employers survey, none planned any significant layoffs. remember, if you're looking for a jump start on your job search head to the job shop on the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly.
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but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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6:25 right now, let's check business news this morning. the market all about earnings this week. lawrence joins us with our business speed. good morning lauren, what are we gonna watch for this morning. >> you said it, earnings. second quarter report cards out from the biggest companies in the world. we have a fifth of the s & p 500, reporting their latest numbers. not paid attention to as much as the other quarters. we're paying attention this year. why? we want to know how corporate america is doing. you name it they are probably
6:26 am
reporting this week. >> you talk about borders, we have been following this for a long time, since we heard news they were downsizing, now it appears everything is lined up for them to go away. what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah, exactly, borders the bankrupt book store may be officially out of business this week, they are facing liquid days, 4200 stores left, 11,000 workers since they file for bankruptcy protection. all of those workers mate be out of luck. there's an auction with the bankrupt book store to sell themselves. so far no bidders have emerged so we'll see what's going to happen but they are still waiting for a white knight bid. books also operates in washington, d.c. as well, maybe they'll make a bid, but it's not looking so good for borders at this moment. as you know the demise of borders thanks to the kindle, the milk, the ipad. yup. >> and if there is no bid it's total liquid days. >> yes. >> all right. lauren symptom netty have a day, see
6:27 am
you you tomorrow morning. >> you too. we'll get your full forecast. a hot one, talking triple digits here in the nation's capital next week. new this morning an investigation under way along the banks of the anna coste a after several boats catch fire at a yacht club. we have a wrap-up, not the way the u.s. wanted it to end. they gave it what they had but it wasn't enough against japan.
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what a heartbreak it was yesterday for the u.s. women's world cup team a few motels of delight there as they face off against japan in the finals. they had two small leads during the match including a go ahead deal there. they fought back, tied it at 2 in the 117th minute and it came down the penalty kicks where japan would make 3 out of 4 and the u.s. would miss 3 out of four. they beat the u.s. for the
6:31 am
first time ever to win japan's first world cup. >> what a way to break into the win column. >> yeah. >> although with everything that happened in japan over this year, it might not be bad to have something to celebrate. >> that's a good point. they have something to hang their hats on. >> a major league choke job by the ladies. >> i'm with the junkies. one of my things about soccer, the penalty kick thing, it is so anticlimactic. >> not how you want to end a world cup match. got to wait for years now. >> but they did well until then. >> they did. >> let's take a look what's going on with our temperatures across the region. >> they are not too bad right now, in the 60s and 70 73 degrees here in the district. 70 in dulles airport, 71 in baltimore. fredericksburg, virginia, at 70 degrees, and in frederick, maryland, 70 degrees. here is a look at the satellite lay dar composite. things look pretty good. a good amount of sunshine this morning, we'll see some clouds
6:32 am
build in from the north and west a little bit later on mostly sunny skies this morning, some clouds working their way in here, could see a bit of precipitation develop here and there. as you see that frontal bound dedegree to the north does sink southward. the forecast for today looks like this partly sunny skies, hot and humid, 94 for your high, late this afternoon to your north and west, you might encounter a thunderstorm, then the rest maybe during the evening hours certainly a possibility. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. let me check one thing real quick. coming up in about 15 minutes today eights edition of ask the weather guy, have you guys noticed. you are observant guys, driving along the road you see those solar panels sticking up. we're going to answer the question what are they and what are they doing? are they providing anything? right out there in the middle of the street. we'll tell you. >> thank you tony. >> lauren a good look at traffic. good morning lauren. >> good morning.
6:33 am
some curious folks there we look forward to that. sterling and branch avenue, slows approaching alabama avenue, watch for the latest there. take a live look, we're in the clearing stages of the accident, southbound new hampshire lock wood drive near the intersection, you can see we have a couple of police officers there, cruisers out on the scene, everybody getting by single file to the left at this point, up on new hampshire avenue at lock wood drive. no problems to report on the beltway in maryland and virginia. the inner loop here we're seeing a bit of a line building as you head up towards i-66. making the trip northbound, get across theac a quan, head into springfield leaving the beltway up past edsel road, to duke street, 66 it, heavy through manassas, here we are heading past centreville, fair oaks on to great mills and approaching the beltway. let's check the traffic. several boats go up in
6:34 am
flames this morning. >> it happened this morning at the yacht club in southeast d.c. fox 5's sherri ly has been following this story all morning long. is now she joins us with the details. >> wisdom and steve, there is a fire boat in anna dos tee a river keeping watch over those burned boats making sure there's not any player-ups. four boats here at the washington yacht club are destroyed and they are now sunk. the fire started in one boat and quickly spread to others around 2:45 this morning, ungulfing all four boats in flame. care takers untied others to make sure they did not catch fire. they were 40 feet long and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. investigators are still trying to determine the cause whether this whether this was an accident or arson.
6:35 am
we did have four large boats, total loss, i imagine a pretty significant dollar loss. >> reporter: someone at the marina did call 911 to report the fire. it was also reported from the various freeways and highways from what we understand. there are some people who live aboard boats here at the yacht club but it does not appear that anyone was on board these four boats that burned. no one was hurt. that's the latest here in southeast. back to you. >> all right sherri. thank you very much. other top stories we're following this monday another tour bus accident, this time killing two people and injuring 35 others, the bus headed from washington, d.c. to niagara falls when it swerved into the woods on interstate 390. this happened after 4:00 yesterday. a preliminary report indicates a tire blow out may have caused the driver to lose control. an arraignment today for two of former maryland governor bob ehrlich's campaign adds paul sher lick and henson were
6:36 am
indicted to discourage supporters of martin o'malley from coming to the polls saying he already won. house republicans expected to vote this week on allowing the increase on the debt ceiling through next year as long as they balanced the constitutional amendment. democrats say there is no support in the senate for it. meantime a plan from senator mitch mcconnell would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling this three phaseses but without spelling out any long- term solutions, it's up for vote this week. >> i'm not gonna support the mcconnell plan. this is just kicking the can down the road. that's, the american people sent us here to make big tough choices, they didn't send us here to set up a commission, give the president veto power that's not what they sent us here to do. >> the fall back measure to pass the senate but faces a tougher fight in the republican house. a new lifestyle group created in the financial meltdown officially launches this week. the consumer financial protection bureau begins oversight and regulatory work on thursday. president obama is expected to
6:37 am
nominate former ohio attorney general richard cord a ray to lead the agency. he currently serves as the director of enforcement. the consumer financial protection bureau was formed to enact what president obama calls the strongest consumer protections in our nation's history. the phone hacking scandal that shut down the news of the world newspaper continues to unravel now. over the weekend the paper's former chief was arrested and the head of scotland yard resigned. rupert murdoch, gets set to face parliament. marion rathje tee has more. >> reporter: rebecca brooks resigns her post as head of news corp.'s publishing empire in the uk and is arrested in connection with the phone tapping scandal. she was taken into custody on sunday and has since been released. she once edited the now defunct tabloid. >> murdoch has now lost his most loyal lieutenant. >> reporter: she is the 10th person arrested by police since she opened the investigation in
6:38 am
january. all have been released without charges, the head of scotland yard also toppled sunday, stepping down and taking responsibility for his clothes ties to the newspaper. >> i've taken this decision as a consequence of the ongoing speculation and accusations related to the mat links at a senior level. >> reporter: reporters are accused of illegally tapping into phones of murder victims and others. it has derailed an attempt to buy a company -- >> the british public is engaged and i think what they are really concerned about what they ought to be concerned about the is whether or not the american public gets engaged because if that ever happens then i think you should really start writing news corp.'s obituaries. >> reporter: rupert murdoch and his son james are due to be questioned about the hacking by british parliament later this week. news corporation is the parent company of news of the world and this network.
6:39 am
in new york, maryanne rafferty, fox news. another high profile ceo announced his resignation. he headed up news international which included news of the world at the time the hacking took place. he said he was ignorant of apparent what happened but he feels it is proper for him to resign. >> up next they are a popular way to see the sites and steer clear of gridlock. >> some changes could be in store for the pedicabs doing business in the district. sealy you after the break, it's 6:39.
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>> making headlines, the end of an era is fast approaching. space shuttle atlantis is expected to leave the space station and head back home to the earth tomorrow morning. astronauts have been busy hauling gear and packing for the ride home. the crew delivered supplies to the space station. atlantis is nasa's final
6:43 am
shuttle mission. >> they attended church over the weekend and got a little fresh air on the way. they took his family for a walk to lafayette square. they have worshipped at the church in the 3569. as well as other churches. they claim every president since jams madison has visited it at least once. >> it appears kids may be saferrer when driving with grandpa and grandma. a new study found the injury risk for children is 50% lower when riding with grandparents as compared to parents, they think they are more nervous about driving with grandparents than therefore use nor cautious driving habits. previous evidence have shown car crashes more common in older drivers. >> it is a showdown over pedicabs. d.c. set to impose road rules for the favorites, but they feel like they ever under siege from all sides, rog later has more. >> reporter: the pedicab
6:44 am
drivers will be the first to tell you their numbers are going. but they say so is the tension between them and park police on the national mall. >> this year more than last we're being treated something like prostitutes out here. where it's a crime where most of the time the cops look the other way, but every now and then they come through and bust some heads. >> reporter: attention that came to a head friday evening when an officer arrested one of the pedicab drivers and tazed him. they claim it was unprovoked. >> the park police officer got on top of him and held him on the ground face down and said get on your back, get on your back twice, as he was pinning him down on his face and fired the taser the second time. >> reporter: the spokesman for park police say the driver was tazed after he assaulted the officer. he also denied any type of crackdown saying officers are simply going after drivers who
6:45 am
block the road ways and stand illegally in handicapped and parkway spaces. now there is word that d.c. is on track to regulate the pedicabs too. mayor vincent grey said they are just trying to figure out how. like bicycles but they are not bicycles, they are like automobiles but not automobiles. then the question is which agency is most appropriate one to regulate them? >> reporter: but the independent drivers fear that just means more red tape. they say they already follow the bicycle road rules and the company they lease the cabs from inspects and main the answer the vehicles. they also fear two different jurisdictions will impose two separate sets of rules in one small city. >> really, there are like 070 pedicabs more or less in the city at any time. to take the time to slate that seems -- and some of that is not effective on the mall because it's driven by the federal government. which is where we probably spend 60 or more% of our time.
6:46 am
>> reporter: i'm roz slater, fox 5 news. mayor grey says the district's department of transportation is drafting some regulations, they are hoping they get a seat at the table before any new rules get the green light. >> if you're out and about in a pedicab today or the rest of the week -- >> a fan huh. >> take a fan some liquids, it's gonna be rough. >> i wonder in any of them have fans on them. >> miss terse on the pedicab. >> miss terse? >> yeah. that would be nice, you could put that in the bargain. >> put that on the bargaining table, see if they get more out of the deal. take a look at what's going on out there. the start of the day, it's okay, you know. in the 70s, 6 season, humidity is up there, so it's a little more muggy this morning than it has been the last comment of mornings, the temperature 73 degrees here in washington, 74 in annapolis, leonardtown at 70, 64 manassas and in
6:47 am
culpepper, 66 in martinsburg and off to the east we have 69 degrees in salisbury. here is your look at the satellite radar, skies are mostly clear this morning, as i said there is a little bit of haze, i think that will get worse later on in the week. there are some clouds up to the north and west, those are associated with a frontal boundary. now here is the deal. you can see, this is tracking southward, so portions of the northeast are gonna get some rain and thunderstorms coming through later on today. in the mid-atlantic we are -- it's possible we'll get some of that activity. the best chance is north and west of the city. but some of this could hang together or reform and bring some showers and thunderstorms to washington, d.c. and points south and east as well. that will be a possibility in the late afternoon and during the evening hours. oh eh, got a bonus for you. take a look at this. this is tropical storm brett,
6:48 am
maximum sustained winds 50 miles per hour, a tropical storm warning in effect for grand ba ham a island. all right. that's a look at what's -- no i'm sorry. here is the forecast for today. i'm ahead of myself. code orange air quality, unhealthy air for at risk groups, partly sunny skies, hot and humid, 94 degrees for your high, above normal. then for tonight, partly cloudy, scattered thunderstorms are certainly possible, 76 degrees for your overnight low. five-day forecast check it out, dramatic, next couple days highs above normal in the low to mid-90s, then by the end of this week our highs will be around 100 degrees and you know with the humidity it will feel like, on thursday and friday and likely saturday, it will feel like it's between 105 and 110 degrees. excellent. >> it's going to be brutal. >> that's a look at what's happening with the weather. sit now time, eh we're all here, it is now time for ask the weather guys we put our
6:49 am
heads together to answer your most pressing questions. weather related or otherwise. today's questions not really weather related. >> in an indirect way. >> inan indirect way yes it is. today's question comes from anna d in virginia. seays every so often along the virginia interstates i see something like a solar panel mounted on a pole and tilted sky bard ward. are they in fact solar fans and what's their purpose since they don't seem to be attached to anything needing energy. excellent observation anna. they are solar panels, you see them in virginia, i see them in maryland, i don't recall, have you seen them in d.c.? i don't really know. not that i can recall. >> i can't remember seeing them either. >> you believe own the freeway. >> you need a little space for them. >> that's right. and prefer blow not around trees. but you could see them. they are solar panels each, usually you see them, 2 to 4 solar fans on one of these
6:50 am
polls at a time. >> that's what they look like. >> that's what they look like. in -- >> that's in maryland that's right. they look different in maryland that be they do in virginia. we can only find a maryland picture. each panel produces about 220 watts of electricity and you may they they are not powering anything but they are. >> what do they power? >> tucker? >> they power all the electronic signs you see on the highways. >> not all of them but many of them. >> many of them, yes. and the traffic cameras in addition. so i thought it might be related to monitoring speed cameras, that type of thing, but it's not. it's to let you know that is the speed limit is 55 or to slow down on this curve or that kind of thing. actually a great use. >> uh-huh. >> and that's where they derive energy. >> many of those signs, the flashing signs you will see them, that's what they are powering. some of these cameras help
6:51 am
provide real time or some of these panels do provide some of the energy to some of the traffic cameras and some we use on the air during traffic reports. isn't that cool. >> yeah. >> all tied into the highway system one way or another. >> the ones you see out there on the street. >> so it makes sense for where they are placed and how they are used. it's a great way to reduce, you know, reliance on electricity and the like. >> whoever came up with that, a great idea. >> i think we're moving that way here at channel 5. >> we are. >> we're going to be run by solar power. >> right. >> so when it gets cloudy you might not get much. >> say we need a little more sunshine around here. >> yeah. >> anyway there you go. a simple answer for you. anna d, anything to add tucker? >> absolutely nothing. >> good. thank you. if you have a question you would like to have answered go
6:52 am
to and click on the weather tab. ooh you can upload your video question and we may play it on the air. >> excellent. modern technology. let's take it to lauren demarco. we were heavy on the guys part of the weather guys today. >> a panel of men that are talking to me. >> yeah. >> some people may like that lauren. >> eh, i wasn't complaining. >> yeah. >> that was pretty interesting though. thanks for that you guys, we can actually take a live look at some of those cameras right now. we go through trafficland. we've been dealing with several instances, new hampshire avenue at lock wood drive is clear, but a new wreck reported river road involving a car fire, right lane reportedly blocked, you don't see it this camera angle but watch for that. inner loop of the beltway at braddock road ahead of this camera angle, you can seawright on the left, left part of your screen left lane blocked. northbound 395 heavy and slow approaching duke street in the main layne, hov is looking very good once you get up past duke street up towards the 14th street bridge. steve, over to you. >> lauren, thank you very much.
6:53 am
wow, big shocker here. "harry potter" topped the box office over the weekend. they conjured up an unprecedented 168 1/2 million dollars in just three days. thabeet the previous record back in 2008 set by"the "dark knight"." >> batman, back in 2006. >> i haven't seen any harry potters but i degrees. with posh and becks as their parents she certainly has a head start on the genes department and now the world is getting their first look at the beckham's baby. they posted this picture of victoria and their daughter harper on facebook. harper was born july 10th in l.a. >> very nice. >> very ncaa is. >> next hour we'll take you inside a big purple barn with a very big heart. >> hmm. >> life in bowie with more on a unique group giving some four- legged friends a second chance.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
good morning i am holly morris on this monday morning we are hanging out at the big purple barn in buoy. many people may know about it but not know what goes on here many of you may not have heard
6:57 am
about the purple barn at all the actual name of the farm is hidden haven an equine sanctuary and education center all the horses here are very special because it is about more than just horse rescue, this is about really giving horses a second chance that wouldn't normally get it, all these different horses have special health issues here they are taken care of and given a better life they live out their lives here. what is even more special than the horses themselves are the people that actually take care of them because this is a 100% volunteer based organization so this morning, we will find out about how they have been doing this amazing work for 20 years, 10 years here at this location. we are going to talk about the volunteers and they have an amazing summer camp program we will give you the information wisdom so you can sign your kid up for a session this summer or schedule a tour and find out about the amazing work they do. spending a little monday
6:58 am
morning on a very special farm. the big purple barn i never knew that was there and what it was about but you are going to educate us looks like a lot of fun if you can handle the heat. >> fun is what we do wisdom. >> if you can handle the heat. that will be good. well, july is now the month of the ricky in the district it is name of washington's soon to be native cocktail. a plaque was unvailed at the jw marriott where it was created it was invented 1883 at a bar once frequented by politicianjournallists it is made with gin or whisky, club soda and lime juice. our fan of the day, toya gave us a shout out from west virginia, hi to everyone watching out there. if you would like to be
6:59 am
tomorrow's fan of the day search us looking for fox 5 morning news and then post a comment under tonya's photo. now over to steve and sarah, sarah is breaking up the man show but the news must goen. >> i know i said too much testosterone. >> thank you wisdom. a fire breaks out in one boat at dc yacht club quickly spreading flames to several others many now destroyed we have the latest on the investigation in a live report. >> clock ticking as congress tackles the great debate over a debt crisis. >> phone hacking scandal in britain continues to intensify an arrest made and surprise resignation all coming as news corp. owner rupert murdoch gets set to face members of parliament. fox morning news at 7 starts now. take a

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